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About Us

Global Indian Scientists & Technocrats Forum (GIST) is a visionary organization that was formed to become a key platform to bring together scientists and technocrats from the Indian diaspora from across the world, who are maestros in their fields. GIST forum was born under the patronage of Vijnana Bharati, the largest science movement of India.

Science & Technology are the key drivers for empowering individuals, societies, countries, and ultimately mankind, and GIST is honored to be a part of this noble initiative. The GIST forum is proud to be the largest repository of the Indian Scientists and Technocrats from the world over with their respective domain knowledge to enable exploration of suitable engagement opportunities. Such engagement opportunities encompass a wide range of activities in the areas of education, healthcare, food & agriculture, water, energy, infrastructure, manufacturing, information & communication technology (ICT), robotics, machine learning, livelihood generation and many more.

Objective behind GIST:

India is blessed with a large number of scientists & technologists spread across the world. This Indian diaspora of expert scientists and technocrats is contributing immensely in the progress of the respective country they have chosen to stay. Many of these experts are often eager to share their knowledge and experience to accelerate the pace of development of our country to become a global power. They want to do this by associating with suitable initiatives that will be useful in the holistic development of the community as a whole. The main objective of GIST is to bring together the Indian scientists and technocrats from around the world, and help them collaborate with initiatives through which they want to bring about a change in the development of the country and its people.


Vishwa Mangala Hetave विश्वमङ्गल हेतवे for the betterment of the world. Focus on leveraging science and technology for providing a happy life to every individual and a better world to everyone.


Provide a platform to scientists, technologists, research organizations, and academic institutions to provide access to problems and together inspire, motivate, collaborate and generate eco-friendly and sustainable solutions for a better life for everyone.

Goal of GIST is to fulfill this need by creating a platform that could help:

  • Facilitate interaction with academic institutions, research organizations, NGOs and government agencies for pursuing developmental activities through scientific approaches
  • Integrate various subject matter experts from various domains and strengthen the academic institutions, social workers, and NGOs with scientific knowledge
  • Create a common pool of knowledge and facilitate collaboration of Indian diaspora and Indian minds in research and development to help in solving various developmental challenges that are before India
  • Create a scientific ecosystem to collaborate global Indians in the field of science and technology
  • Constitute think-tanks and task-forces to suggest modifications in policies related to science and technology


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