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Aahaar Kranti

Aahaar Kranti उत्तम आहार उत्तम विचार (Uttam Aahaar Uttam Vichaar) is a nationwide movement to raise awareness about the importance of a nutritionally balanced diet in India and to provide solutions for improving nutrition for all socio-economic classes leading to a increased life expectancy that is both happy and healthy.

What is Aahar Kranti

Aahaar Kranti उत्तम आहार उत्तम विचार (Uttam Aahaar Uttam Vichaar) is a national-level campaign dedicated to spread nutritional awareness and to renew the focus on nutritionally balanced diets

The initiative aims to bring about a nationwide movement that will awaken the people of the country to value the diverse traditional diet, and our rich culinary heritage, and be a beacon of hope for nutritional awareness on a global scale.

Though the initiative has been initially launched in the country to build a healthy India, it sets a roadmap for the entire world to follow in India’s footsteps as a “विश्वगुरु or global leader” in nutrition to reduce the burden of chronic diseases.

Key objectives of the initiative:

  • Promote significance of nutritionally balanced diet
  • Provide solutions for improving overall nutrition for all socio-economic classes
  • Address the problem of hunger and diet-related diseases across the world
  • Highlight the nutritional value of traditional Indian diets, healing powers of local and seasonal fruits, and the miracles of a balanced diet
  • Bring into practice the rich knowledge of Ayurveda-based nutrition
  • Talk about the importance of food and nutrition across age-groups starting from the embryo stage till the individual enters old-age
  • Comprehensive research and development in the food and nutrition space

Aahar Kranti Projects

The foundation of Aahaar Kranti as a movement has been laid and has been a successful one. The entire focus has been on finding out the nutritional gaps in different age groups and how to address this issue by creating interactive and knowledgeable educational modules with the help of “Subject Matter Experts” (SMEs). Our projects help gather insights and information from hands-on experiments and data collection that are published in international journals. Aahaar Kranti has come up with tailor-made solutions that are being implemented currently.


Nutrition is at the heart of many things in our lives. It is required from our genesis all the way till our last breath. Thousands of studies have linked the importance of nutrition for better health and longevity across all ages.It is a major factor in the growth of children and helps develop superior cognitive skills in early years leading to better performance and outcomes through all phases of their lives. Aahar Kranti is the movement for better nutrition. Nutrition is a big determinant of health, both mental and physical, all through a person’s life. Here are some publications that build the foundation of our impetus for Aahaar Kranti.

Aahar Mitra

Aahar Kranti is a movement to raise awareness of the importance of nutritionally balanced diet in India. Our Motto: उत्तम आहार उत्तम विचार.

Join The Kranti as Aahaar Mitra. As Aahaar Mitra, you can spread the word and contribute using any of our Social Media Channels. Here are some videos posted by our Aahar Mitra Ambassadors.

Nutrition a Literary 2021

Involve the older generation in reviving back the forgotten healthy recipes.

Promote the benefits of fermented food and a balanced thali diet through short videos/animation.

Conduct state-wide competitions to promote local recipes.

Nutritional Intervention

Protein-rich foods, healthy fats, and rainbow diet lead to improve overall nutritional status.

Nutritional Supplements

Produce nutritional and mineral supplements.

Nutritious Recipes

Collate healthy recipes that are child-approved and tested by parents

Create nutritious recipes as a hands on project

Involve school teachers to come up with innovative nutritious recipes and promote them in school

Nutrition in the curriculum

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) will introduce curriculum on the significance of nutrition, which will inspire and motivate children to follow it.

Focus on addressing the nutritional gaps in young children.

Mention the effects of social media on the diet in adolescents and how it can be addressed.

Food forests/Nutri-Gardens

Address food affordability issues by introducing the concept of Food forests and Nutri-Gardens.

Tailor-made solutions to grow wild fruits and vegetables in your own space.

Abolish malnutrition and fix nutritional gaps by implementing this solution.

Indoor Gardens

Enable people to become self-sufficient or atma nirbhar by growing their own food at home in indoor gardens.

Create awareness about growing own food through the process of Hydroponics and Aquaponics.

Encourage growing fresh fruits and vegetables, organic, and hyperlocal foods.

Educational Modules

Develop educational modules and collaterals which will be built into a self-paced online course.

Publish books and ebooks on food and nutrition in collaboration with educational verticals.

Recruit valuable SMEs who will bring their extensive knowledge and expertise in creating these modules

Use the modules to train the trainers.

Nutritional Awareness, Campaigns and Collaterals

Present the educational modules in the form of videos and animations to create interest in the minds of children.

Modules in the form of ebooks, videos, and animations will be published in the partner institute websites for easy accessibility by the public.

Promote the campaigns and educational information in social media through nutrition related posts and blogs.

Partner with student influencers to promote healthy recipes on their social media handles and talk about importance of healthy food on academic performance.

Nutritional Education Apps

Engaging and informative apps on nutritional education to be created by students and for students.

Educational resource for students, parents, and teachers.

Community Kitchens

Set up community kitchens using local resources where the whole community comes together for a traditional meal.

Work with volunteers, mid-day meal providers, and suppliers of fruits and vegetables to promote better nutrition.

Promote traditional thalis

Involve the older generation in reviving back the forgotten healthy recipes.

Promote the benefits of fermented food and a balanced thali diet through short videos/animation.

Conduct state-wide competitions to promote local recipes.

Student-Led Projects

Promote healthy recipes with the help of student influencers who are popular on social media.

Promote the importance of nutrition-rich food and its health benefits of it with the help of such students.

Allow student influencers to talk about the impact of nutritious food on their academic performance.

Social Media

Execute nutrition-related posts across social media.

Create awareness and talk about age-specific nutrition through blogs and social media posts.

Promote the importance of nutrition-rich food through social media projects done by students.

Award certification programs and internships for students to spread awareness about nutrition and its benefits

Speakers For Aahaar Kranti

Identify passionate subject matter experts who will train zone-specific speakers in regional languages to reach a mass audience.

Create zonal awareness about the initiative by using regional languages.

Nutritional Support Groups

Create age-specific nutritional support groups on social media channels like Whatsapp where the age-specific group can be a part and get motivated about nutrition-rich foods.

Create awareness amongst the elderly about incorporating colored foods, and fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet through support groups.

Cool Traditional Recipes

Get videos of traditional recipe-making backed with family stories that will be publicized.

Inspire children to make better nutritional choices by exposing them to cool traditional recipes.


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